16 December 2014

Iron Sky 2

You may remember the Moontruppen from Iron Sky: a wonderfully flippant movie about the resurgence of the Reich...from the Dark Side of the Moon.  Well they are coming back...on Dinosaurs...(Awesome)...from the centre of the Hollow Earth (Even more Awesome).

14 December 2014

SciFi Week extended

Congratulations to NASA and everyone involved with the very successful test flight of the Orion orbiter last week.  Just look at her go!
Launch pic courtesy of the NY Post
Sadly, I was a bare 24 late to observe the launch first hand.  However, arriving at the Kennedy Spoace Centre the next day, I found the place to abuzz with excitement.  I took the family and we had an amazing day touring the museums, the launch facilities and the Atlantis Shuttle (which is new since I last visited in 2008) - all as wonderful as I remembered them.

Still all enthused, the next day was spent at Disney World's EPCOT where we rode the Mars explorer ride more than a few times...

Next up, this week's SciFi mini Series Ascension on the SyFy channel...

04 December 2014

Orion Test Flight Countdown is on!


NASA will be launching the Orion spacecrft from a Delta IV Rocket for its initial test flight shortly- what a way to finish off my SciFi week festivus!  It may be going somewhere we have already been, but it is the presursor to explorations farther afield - Mars.  I remember my Dad getting me up in the middle of the night to watch the first Shuttle flight in 1981; I hope this heralds in a similar new era of Space activity.


03 December 2014

More SciFi Goodness

"Sunshine"- a different but enjoyable Sci-Fi flick 
I've really got the SciFi bug at the moment, having watched "Edge of Tomorrow", "Sunshine" and "Moon" this week. Very different movies but I enjoyed them all.  "Moon" in particular was excellent and highly recommended.

In the meantime enjoy this little online (free) gem:

01 December 2014

A Sci Fi weekend

With no modelling gear or a lead pile to prepare for the annual painting challenge, plus being devoid of ladies in the house, this Thanksgiving weekend the boys turned to Sci Fi for a bit of fun.  In addition to several long binge sessions playing Beyond Earth, we also went to see Interstellar.  Its an edgy 'hard' SF movie with more than a touch of Kubrick's 2001 as an influence.  We both really enjoyed it, and while there isn't a lot of action in the almost three hours and two bags of popcorn required, its engaging throughout.  Recommended.
And if you are looking for some more inspiration along these lines, check these links out:



26 November 2014

There goes the weekend...

This Thanksgiving Holiday weekend I planned to try and get ahead a bit on my various study readings and the papers I need to write. That just went out the window with this release today.  Hurry up and download will you!!!

21 November 2014


Early last year I started using Goodreads, which is an online book catalogue allowing me to keep track of what I've read and what I want to read.  It also allows you to make up your own shelves to file them on, and recommend books to your friends.  Pretty neat.  So far I have rated about 570 books and have another 280 on my 'to read' shelf.  Here is the cloud tag the site has generated to show where my interests lie- rather unsurprising results actually!
One of the best features of the site is that it then delves into what you have read and recommends new books for you to consider.  Not everyone is a winner of course, but I have discovered a few authors I might not have otherwise encountered.

If you haven't seen Goodreads before, I highly recommend you check it out at https://www.goodreads.com
If you are super interested you can check out my book shelves and lists here:

16 November 2014


Today I participated in the Volkstrauertag ceremony, which is a German form of Rememberance Day. As you can probably appreciate, this has a different focus to typical Commonwealth and US ceremonies.  It was held at the local cemetery which holds two German U-Boat sailors from WW2.
The first was from U-550, sunk off the US coast in May 1944.

The second grave is for an unknown sailor from U-853, sunk close by on 6 May 45 - ironically one day after the cessation of hostilities, which the U-boat likely did not receive.
It was clearly a very emotional day for our German friends, in the spirit of remembering the victims of war and the appreciation of freedoms enjoyed by many since 1945.  I was very pleased to be a part of it.


06 November 2014

From the mouths of Lads

I asked Right Stuff about his History homework recently and he went into a spiel about The Absolute Right of Kings, Parliamentary measures to try and control absolute Monarchs,  the English Civil War and its subsequent restoration.  He completed his informative monologue by saying (unprompted) – "actually that would be a pretty cool period to play wargames in”   I shall shall move swifty but not overzealously…

But my favourite quote of the conversation was him saying “Monarchial disputes are just so stupid.  Why are the people so surprised when the new one is a d*ck like the last one?"