16 September 2018

Doing up some terrain

Been on a bit of a terrain blitz of late, as well as playing some Frostgrave.  This is a Celtic Roundhouse I just finished.

I have wanted a Celtic roundhouse since 2011 when I first saw this one (as I recall from this post http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2011/07/celt-roundhouses.html).  This year I finally bought one for myself for my birthday, and thanks to a club terrain day I got all inspired.  As a result it went from bare resin to this in a week.

This is a Hovels product, which was very nicely finished with no resin bubbles or flash
I quite enjoyed adding the diorama bits to bring it to life and add colour to the otherwise drab Dark Ages!
Separately I have been playing with an airbrush on some of my Kill Team terrain. Really enjoying playing with it - I'll tell Santa. Did I say Kill Team? yes I did...

26 August 2018

Frostgrave Goblin Warband

A Goblin warband in Frostgrave? Yes indeed! Exploring the frozen city is no longer a pastime for the Humans only club!  Presenting my Goblin warband, based around the tribe Shaman and his apprentice.

I've used the lovely Oathmark Goblins for this warband, a combination of the excellent plastics and some of the metal character figures.
The Shaman and his apprentice - used as Witches in Frostgrave
Probably my favourite fig: the Captain!
Really pleased with how his fur coat came out too.
I built a few extra figures along the way, to allow for some different mixes of henchmen

Fodder: Thugs and archers - good for lugging treasure around!
 I'm very pleased with the way the colours worked, having gone with something a bit different. The Browny green skin kept them a bit lighter, and the red, grey, and white contrasts on the figure work -for me anyway!
The Orc Templar with his nasty big chopper!
Orc Man-at-Arms, ready for action!
So back into the frozen city they go this week, destined to be slaughtered now that they are fully painted!

06 August 2018

Man Cave reopens!

Its been awhile but I've finally returned to home shores. Another busy few months away at sea but the Man Cave is now open once again for business.  Along the way I did have a few hobby adventures to share...

First is a birthday present to myself - a small commission to start an early Saxon Army to oppose my Romano-British. I have not engaged a painting service before but with lots of time away I decided that a little help was required to get my armies together, so I can spend my limited home time playing.  Jacksarge Painting is an Aussie and I had seen his work on FB before - it is simply a delight to behold.  This is what he sent me:
Early Saxon Warlord- Footsore Miniatures and LBM banner
Jacksarge Painting really knocked it out of the park.
Early Saxon hearthguard - Footsore Miniatures

Jacksarge Painting made the process very easy and I was fortunate to be able to slip a small number of figures into his painting cue. I am thrilled with the outcome and strongly recommend his services. You can contact him here: http://jacksarge.blogspot.com or on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/JacksargePainting/

I also did a bit of arms length gaming while deployed - first up my participating in Palladian Guard's 1904 Cherbourg Superbattle - a bit of pre dreadnought naval alternative history in which the Brits and French team up against a Russo-German alliance at sea.  As the higher Russian commander I generated the tactical objectives for the Russian fleet, commanded ably by Ed.
Read the action here: https://palladian-guard.blogspot.com/2018/08/superbattle-cherbourg-1904.html

Secondly, my daughter and I had a lot of fun running a dungeon crawl adventures using FB messenger and the rules Four Against Darkness.  These are a simple but fun set of rules, which are usually utilised for solo adventures and were perfect for our purposes.  If you are looking for a bit of old style paper and pencil action, this could be up your alley.

Our party embraced racial diversity principles and consisted of a Barbarian, Elf, Dwarf and a Hobbit.  Sancho the Hobbit proved to be the Hero and MVP of our tale, proudly staggering back to town under the weight of a freshly hewn Minotaur Head to regale the tavern ladies of his fortune and courage in adversity.

And to start off my return to gaming in the best possible way, Alan hosted a bunch of our games clubbers at his place where Dave (of the Left Handed Panzerfaust fame) ran us, including my daughter, through a 4 player intro game of Frostgrave.  Now I must admit to having actively avoided this game thus far because I knew it would totally appeal to me and I didn't need yet another project. It did of course...
Dave's awesome Frotsgrave setup
A fun game ensued in which the other 3 quickly got into action against one another, allowing me to run around and steal most of the treasures. Highlight was one of Meaghan's archers putting an arrow into the eye of Aled's Sorcerer's Apprentice in turn one and dropping him before he even moved.  A lot of fun indeed and a real treat to play on Dave's fantastic setup and with his beautiful figures - visit his blog to see them in all their glory, and some wonderful tutorials of how he built his conversions. A very talented guy. Maybe I could build just a small warband for now...

Our heroes delve deeply into the ruins...
And to make matters worse, I see this is coming out soon too.  I must have 2 full moving boxes of old Epic stuff...

27 June 2018

Sons of Death unit for SAGA

I've been away with work a bit of late, so not much productivity from my own brush to report. However, All round good guy and top bloke Alan painted up a Sons of Death unit for me to complete my Irish SAGA Warband. And a lovely job he did with them too.  All shields hand painted, naturally.

In the meantime I was busy doing this, which was also fun but after 7 weeks of it I'm still not sure how many SAGA dice the Task Group generated per turn...

10 May 2018

More SAGA with a new Romano British Army

Been a busy few weeks with work travel but I have managed to complete the final touches on my Irish Warband for SAGA.  I am also about to be deployed for 3 months so not much looming on the hobby front unfortunately. I also moved house, just to up life's degree of difficulty a touch more.
My new mounted Hearthguard
I also had an impulse purchase the other day when a painted Romano-British warband popped up for sale. I've wanted a force for SAGA's Aetius & Arthur period for some time and this faction I quite like.  With no modelling time my focus is shifting to playing only so this was a good time to strike!  It was expressed posted to me, I picked it up at the Post Office on the way to the club, unpacked it onto the gaming table and put them directly into action! I was facing my SAGA Nemesis Alan, whom I have never beaten in the game in 5 years.  He pulled out a Saxon Army (beautifully painted like all his war bands) which he hadn't used for SAGA before either - the game was afoot!
2 Units of Warriors
My wily opponent with 3 other SAGA games in progress
What followed was probably one of the best night's gaming I've had in about a year, wth 4 games of SAGA in play at the same time.  Our game was very competitive in a really fun atmosphere as we both learned our armies, which were really well matched. I focused on a wide left sweep to isolate and kill Alan's Warlord.  He advanced on a broad front to catch and engage my supporting units.  I let him and after a massive all out effort I managed to dispatch his warlord...only to find out that the new SAGA v2 scenario isn't a Kill the Warlord for Victory game!  A tense last turn followed and in the end I mustered 21 slaughter points to Alan's 18: a pyrrhic victory by the slimmest of margins but a Victory nonetheless!
My mounted Hearthguard catch Alan's Levy Bowmen!
To inject a final bit of hobby happiness to the night, Slowpainter John brought us goodies from the latest shipments, including the new SAGA Age of Crusades book and Battlegroup Torch-  just in time to stock up my hobby reading materials before I ship off. Huzzah!
Now thats a good days' Hobby haul!

22 April 2018

AHPC VIII Reflections - Part 2: the Pics

I've been all at sea lately (quite literally) but I've finally gotten to photographing my AHPC VIII totality.  Like many I suspect, it seems more when under the brush than when tallied, but regardless it is a satisfying chunk of hobby happiness.
 As you can see I embraced the new terrain category, finishing off a 15mm Russian village, a 6mm ECW castle and a 28mm bridge.  I got a good portion of my new DAK Army finished and managed to complete entries for all bonus rounds.  I started with a 500 point goal, extended it to 600 and finished up with 679pts - which I was very happy with noting that I was travelling for about 4 weeks of the challenge.

Last year I was thrilled to get a Bonus Round Runner Up spot - this year I managed to jag two!  The first was this really wonderfully sculpted One Man Dirigible which I had sitting around for about 4 years and which I entered for the Flight Round

My Second Runner Up placement was for my FIW Royal Artillery Piece in the BFG Round.  I really enjoyed building this small vignette for the FIW Army I built last year during AHPC VII.

Perhaps my favourite piece to work on this challenge was my Friekorps PanzerAuto (Armoured Car), which I did in January:
The Challenge was, once again, a tonne of fun for a LOT of fun amongst wonderfully productive and encouraging hobbyists. 
I hope to be back for AHPC IX!


01 April 2018

SAGA Redux

Its been some time since I opened my Dark Ages collection but the new edition of SAGA has piqued some interest at the club. Sufficiently so for me to get out my Irish Warband and finished them off.  They hit the table at Club night last week - I was frankly overwhelmed by trying to remember the game, understand the new game, and try to use a new warband.  I was also against my old Nemesis Alan who masterfully carved me into small parcels with his Scots without loosing a SAGA dice worth of casualties in return!
Alan's beautifully painted Scots
Alan's beautifully painted Scots repel yet another charge by the Irish!
Then on Good Friday, Slowpainter John treated us to a SAGA Bash at his place where 8 of us pushed lead around and got into the new rules with a "learn together" type approach.  There are lots of reviews on the net but suffice to say that the system is now more granular and I think has added tactical depth without significant complication.  Good stuff.
Pagan Russ arrayed for Battle 
Mounted Hearthguard secure the left flank of Izzie's Welsh battle line
Marty's Anglo-Danes and Aled's Anglo-Saxons clash
Alan's Russ Warlord seeks out a worthy opponent on the field of battle
I played my Irish again, this time against Aled who was using Alan's gorgeous Pagan Russ for the first time and took the mercenary Steppe Horseman too.  With some coaching assistance from the Dux I managed to pull off a win with my Warhounds being best on ground after they mauled the Steppe Nomans and then dragged down the Russ Warlord (reminiscent of Thulsa Doom's village attack in the opening scene of the original Conan the Barbarian!)
The Puppies in action, harrying and mauling the Horse Archers from the Steppe 
The dogs of war were indeed slipped - the enemy warlord was tasty!
I'll post up some pics of my Irish separately.