19 October 2018

Orc War Pigs!

I recently painted these up for my mate Slowpainter John, to thank him for some figures that he donated to Reilly's Dwarf army. Plus...its Orctober!
Old school Inquisition minis, these were a lot of fun to paint up I'm particularly pleased with how the metallics came out.  Unbased so John can match them to the rest of his Orc army.

Over a black undercoat, this was my progression of paints;
Using a heavy drybrush of the Dwarf Bronze, heavy shading followed by edge highlighting with the Glorious Gold

13 October 2018

Trench Clearance!

Our Centenary of Remembrance WW1 gaming continued this week with the Germans clearing out a French Trench system after a successful dawn assault, while a French rearguard desperately holds them off to buy time for the Regiment to withdraw.  I adopted a scenario from Too Fat Lardies' Stout Hearts and Iron Troopers supplement and kept with To The Last Man rules from last week.  I had the French start hidden and gave each team written orders to keep a few things hidden from eachother. It added a bit of tension which was fun.

The Germans moved up with their two squads and HMG team, while the French held their fire.  The Germans, unsure of what awaited them in the now seemingly empty French trenches, advanced cautiously, throwing grenades around corners (and taunting the French players to open up on them if they dare!).

 And when the opportune time came, the first French HMG team opened up!

 On the other flank, the veteran German squad found the trench ahead of them blocked by barbed wire and took the only option open to them- over the top!

The second French HMG team reveals itself with a burst of fire

The Bavarian infantry takes casualties but keeps pushing up
On the left flank the scene is mirrored, preventing the French HMGs teams from concentrating their fire. To their horror, the French discovered why the Colonial Tommies prayed that their gatlings wouldnt jam...
The HMG was overrun with minimal casualties.

While the other HMG starts to fall back under unyielding pressure
The veteran Bavarians, below half strength kept coming up. Some bayonet work saw men on both sides fall and in the end, against all odds with snipers taking pot shots at him as well, Private Stinky Pierre of the HMG squad escaped - the only survivor of the Rear Guard to report back to the Colonel. Had they bought enough time for the Regiment to prepare a secondary defensive line? Only time would tell...

05 October 2018

Trench Raid!

Some players get right into character to make the most of the experience
After a number of us scored some painted WW1 troops from the MOAB bring and buy, we were keen to throw down and get them onto the table.
French Infantry advance along the trenches
France, 1916. Sometime after dinner.

German Jager HMG team

Für das deutche Vaterland! 

The new stahlhelm proved most popular amongst the troops
 3 Central Powers players - all playing Germans, faced off against a tripartite Allied force comprising British, Belgians and French.
German Jaegers and French infantry go bump in the night. What followed was...messy

The objective - a German artillery piece in the centre of the Battlefield.
For the German players - deliver the change to the fire plan and defend the gun.
For the British - capture the maps (showing the locations of the other guns in the battery) and spike the gun.

We used "To the Last Man" rules which I may review later but suffice it to say that they provided a good set of tactical mechanics and were easy to pick up, but lack any army builder system or scenarios.  Which is fine in my book, and more importantly, we were playing fairly fluidly after a quick 20min skim of the rules.

What followed was mayhem, mills bombs and mirth. The terrain was awesome (trenches courtesy of Alan, who was sadly absent) and the effect were both very impressive and great to play on.

Noting that I will be deployed next month, this was unilaterally declared our Centenary of Remembrance wargaming activity.

More to follow!

01 October 2018

MOAB 2018

Comrade James, The Lad and Slowpainter John
Over the last few years, MOAB for me has gone from ‘Meh’ to my favourite Con, and not just because its less than hrs drive away. Its really because it’s a great social day out with the club lads and hobby friends of games and conventions past.   This year was no exception particularly with my Lad Reilly AKA "Magnet" emerging from his HSC/Yr 12/A Level/ SAT exam preparations for a mental health day away the books and Comrade James drove 3 hrs from Canberra for the day too - awesome

Not a huge Con, but a fun one
After a great preparatory brekkie at a cafe to plan our assault on the trade stalls, we got into some nice table wandering followed by the finding totally unnecessary random treasures at the Bring and Buy.  Some nice looking tables too, including this awesome Star Wars demo game, played in and around this 3D printed Quasar Class Carrier with LED lights!
I also really liked this terrain, which I need to copy for my FIW table:

We then invested the afternoon enjoying an epic intro game of Gaslands - gorgeous table, total mayhem and you could tell by the cheering (and complaints from the DBAers!) which was the most fun game. Highlight- Reilly’s inevitable betrayal, this time of his godfather Comrade James! 

Mayhem at the 10 car start line!
James cant see this smile but I know what it usually portends...

The plan unleashed!

You're doing what to me now?

Yep, crash and burn dude!

Thats me crashed and burned on the gate pylon, with James burning on the track ahead of me
In the end all 10 cars were destroyed on the track, and there was much rejoicing by everyone.
A really, really well run Demo game with a friendly bunch of gamers - thanks guys!

And naturally, here is my pile of shame from the bring and buy- a bit of everything and all of them a bargain!

Which includes a new and fully pained (!) mid WW1 army of German Jagers for some skirmish gaming.

25 September 2018

Romanised Orcs!

A bit of experimental tomfoolery involving Oathmark Goblins, Warlord shields and banner and a fireforge cape.  All painted up in the same colours as my recent Frostgrave Orc posse and on the same winterised base style.

I originally planned to have them individually based, but I wanted to show a well drilled, elite Orc infantry units.  I could also do that, reflecting a solid (yet ragged) looking shield wall, on a group basing.  I'm happy that the final result depicts just that, but retains a bit of Orc wildness with a mix of weaponry at the same time.

And behold! An EliteFoot unit for Dragon Rampant!

16 September 2018

Doing up some terrain

Been on a bit of a terrain blitz of late, as well as playing some Frostgrave.  This is a Celtic Roundhouse I just finished.

I have wanted a Celtic roundhouse since 2011 when I first saw this one (as I recall from this post http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2011/07/celt-roundhouses.html).  This year I finally bought one for myself for my birthday, and thanks to a club terrain day I got all inspired.  As a result it went from bare resin to this in a week.

This is a Hovels product, which was very nicely finished with no resin bubbles or flash
I quite enjoyed adding the diorama bits to bring it to life and add colour to the otherwise drab Dark Ages!
Separately I have been playing with an airbrush on some of my Kill Team terrain. Really enjoying playing with it - I'll tell Santa.
Did I say Kill Team? yes I did...