27 July 2011

Big Hut

This is the other resin building I got from Gripping Beast, a stone building (this one here) to add some variety to all the timber and wattle&daub ones in my village.  Again this was a high quality resin cast, with no pits or bubbles, and wonderful detailing which mad painting it really enjoyable.
Another of the Lurker's ex-partners waits impatiently for him to return, with a surprise under one arm...
I haven't based this one yet as it doesn't fit on my standard mdf coaster.   I scratch built the door from some foamcore and cardboard, making it a snug fit so I can remove it as required during a game.

On second thoughts, does that little bundle looks a little more like Ray???


  1. You're so right, I don't know why I painted him like that though.

  2. This is another very nice hut Paul. You have an excellent collection now. What else can you add that will make me want to make more?

  3. These are great buildings your are painting I am going to have to start saving my money :)

  4. Great buildings. My knee-jerk reaction was to comment on the lack of ability to remove the roof and get at the interior, but then I recalled that I've never actually used that feature (while gaming) of the buildings I've owned that were capable of it.

  5. Thanks all

    Lurker/Ray - I'm not getting the middle of this, I just call it as I see it... :-)

    Rodger - a few more little bits to come!

    Doc - I agree and do use that feature, but have a cunning plan to have the bigger one removable from its base for that purpose

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