15 December 2007

M48 review

Eleven Bravo has posted a review of Peter Pig's 15mm scale M48, which is handy since I just ordered two!

Overall I would say that this model represents excellent value for money. It is well cast, easy to assemble, straightforward to paint and, most importantly, it looks the part. I have three of these vehicles as the tank section of an Armored Cavalry platoon (for use with Barrie Lovell's Incoming! rules) but they could also be used as part of a USMC tank platoon.
.When pitted against enemy infantry on the wargames table they are lethal and you will certainly want some of these in your collection if you envisage scenarios involving NVA armour. When matched up with the M113 ACAV you can field an extremely powerful fighting unit - the Armored Cavalry Platoon.
.All in all, well worth investing in and, given that the prices of models are only likely to go up, get them now!

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