21 December 2009


I need another new game like hole in the head. So thanks very much Ken at "This Week in Wargaming" for letting me know about "Brutal" a post apocalptic gladatorial combat game.

I admit it - I'm a sucker for Gladiator games - I have 6 or more already (some historical, a few fantasty and 2 SF versions) and a bunch of unpainted 25mm lead gladiators already. But this looks awesome and best of all the beta test rules (including core rules plus an expansion) are currently free. Sweet! Go the the downloads area:


Figs look nice, but not sure what scale - at 8 GBP each they must be rather large. There is also a forums section which while rather empty at the moment, has some interesting concept art for future minis.

As long as I dont know anyone with this game I might actually resist it. Then again a few minor conversions to my existing Gladiators and I couldnt go too far wrong...right?


  1. Oh dear.... I can feel a purchase coming on.. particularly of the free postage deal applies to oz!! Minis are 32mm so they will be a bit on the expensive side but proxies will be an option I'm sure!

  2. Ooh, these are soooo nice... must resist.....

  3. Resistance is (probably) futile...again....!

  4. yes, but these figs are just fantastic!