03 December 2009

2009 in Review - Canberra Man Cave

I've been listening to the D6G and their recent 'year in review' feature got me thinking about what the Man Cave (Canberra Annex) has achieved this year:

Started this Blog!
CANCON 09 expedition
TURNERQUAIDE II - Man Cave gaming weekend with Comrade James, Oberst Owen and the Lad
ATtrition - Weekend AT-43 battle royale with Comrade james and the Lad
SWIPEX - gaming in Sydney with Comrade James
Cro-Magnon Lager, first of the Man Cave Brewery products!
Shopped in a Games Store in Hawaii
Wrote a short campaign supplement for Wessex Games's Aeronef (about to be publlished)

Major Games Bought:
Bought into AT-43 (ostensibly to get pre-painted armies and as an alternative to 40k)
40k (above plan didn't work so well)...building an IG Army for me, SM Army for Lad
Space Hulk (and I really did just go in for two pots of paint...)
Carcassone & expansions
Uncharted Seas (yes, all remain unpainted...)
Minor Games: a few...some I even played!

Played Mostly:
Invanhoe, Carcassone, Cave Troll, AT-43, Space Hulk

Modelling Highlights:(sadly few really...)
AT-43 bits and peices
Deathwing Squad complete
Started Salamanders and IG Army
Built a Dice Tower

2010 forecast & plan:
Relocation of Man Cave to Melbourne in January (closer to Oberst Owen!)
Setup some sort of regular gaming plan with Oberst Owen
Finish our 40k armies and get some games in
Play a Space Hulk campaign with the Lad
Resurgence of the Vietnam genre using the new Flames of War variant rules
Expand the Man Cave Brewery product range!

Trivial Miscellany
Husband and father, completed Master Degree, finished two Cert IVs, Scout Leader.

I invite outlying Annexes to tender their contributions!


  1. WHat I like about your year-
    1.That I was involved in almost all the tournaments :)
    2.That you failed to resist 40K, although both armies are allies....segue for your third army..;)
    3.You went in for 2 pots of paint and came out with Space Hulk..haiku refers ;)
    4.That half the games you bought you havn't played yet (sounds familiar)
    5. Your modelling highlights includes a pre painted game..go figure ;)
    6. That you built a dice tower that is awesome!
    And as for next year, you are also moving closer to us :)
    Standby my year in reviwe

  2. Thanks for your commets Comrade, in reply I would offer:

    1. The social aspects (and the greater inclusion of the Lad) of this year was much greater than previous years and are the No 1 highlight overall.

    2. Resistance is Futile after all! I'm think the lure of Chaos may be too diffuclt to resist....

    3. Mea Culpa. Probably the most amusing gaming thing thats happened to me for awhile! (We must cross-post the Haiku here actually)

    4. Sadly yes.

    5. To be fair, I did a few extra bits for them - but yes, fair cop!

    6. Thanks, and the Lad spied out and bought the cool skull thing for the front.

    Indeed so - a gargantuan effort to move my drinks cabinet and gaming table 6 inches closer to Berlin!

    Looking forward to your report Sir!