04 May 2013

Beast of Nurgle

I bought this great model a few months ago now, from the Carnevale range.

This one is 'The Abberation', which will double up both as a Cthulhuesque monster in Pulp gaming and also as a Beast of Nurgle in a Nurgle Blood Bowl team (which I must admit I don't own yet but its just a matter of time....).

In Strange Aeons, I intend to play this as a Blasphemous Construct lurker.

Its a wonderfully detailed model as you can see.  A little delicate maybe with all those fine tentacle ends and the tongue, but it came out just as I had hoped.


  1. I do like this guy… and I love the paint job on him – the black and red work really well!

  2. Well done! Seems like a miniature you simply can't take photo of!

    Could you post a scale comparison shot with an agent?

    1. All those tentacles sprouting in every direction do make it challenging!

      I cant take a comparison photo until late October when I get home, sorry.
      I took these before I sailed from Sydney

  3. Very nice Paul. I love my BoN. He really transform how a Nurgle team plays (i.e terrible in the new sense of the word to terrible in the old sense of the word). Here Slanny, Slanny Slanny....

  4. That looks awesome. Really good paint job.

  5. Cool figure. Good that you can use it for multiple games.

  6. Pretty nice, I have a metal chaos spawn or the recent metal beast of nurgle as options for my teams. I have spare Nurgle Rotters team NIB but it was from the previous rule edition and does not match well with the current team members.

  7. Really nice mini, and very cool paint job!
    Never actually seen that one.

    All those tentacles must have been a challenge to put in place and paint.
    Nice job, congrats!