08 June 2019

Zeppelin Raider

A few years ago I came across a U-Boat board game series which I loved : The Hunters.

Indeed, it captured my imagination so much that I had long email exchanges with the author Greg. I subsequently assisted the development of a Pacific theatre version (Silent Victory), and contributed to the research for a potential future Italian Navy expansion in the Med.  We also met up at Fall-In one year as well which was brilliant (https://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2016/04/silent-victory.html)

Subsequently, I suggested to Greg that his game system would work well with minor adjustment for simulating WW1 Imperial Navy Luftschiff operations: the concept for Zeppelin Raider was born!

So now after a few years of research and playtesting, the game has now been published by Compass Games.  Always great to see you name on a game box and I cant wait to get my copy delivered.

You can read more about the game at BGG, where there are a number of reviews, AARs and errata:

Thats it for me blogwise for awhile - away again with work for a few months.
A small pile of hobby books will keep me company in the interim.


  1. What an absolute blast well done you. Safe journey Paul.

  2. Nice one mate! Stay safe. Beers on your return...

  3. Excellent - I really enjoy playing "The Hunters", which you kindly gave me. TheZeplin games will be added to the "toy list".

    Safe travels


  4. Well done! Happy sailing, although I’m sure you’d be happier in a Zeppelin.

  5. What fun! Love the late sixties looking cover!
    Best Iain

  6. Ooooh, this is awesome! Well done Paul! I'll definitely be getting a copy. I think I need a signed copy though... ;)

    1. Thanks Curt!
      That can surely be arranged :-)