30 May 2019

Outremer: Encounter at al-Hindar

Keen to use my new Outremer figs and terrain, this week we played Scenario 3: Capture the Flag.

My newly finished Mud brick house was the key terrain of the hamlet of al-Hindar, with my Templar Warband facing off against Saracens under Alan’s command.

Our forces entered from opposite directions with the Templars rushing towards the cover that the ramshackle house offered from Saracen arrows. Brother Michael provided covering fire with his crossbow, dropping one of the Arab bowmen, but was taken  down in turn by an enemy archer.  However, he had bought enough time for the Templars, weighed down as they were by their arms and armour, to get to the structure and take cover.  

The Saracen swordsmen approached from the other side and the combat got up close and personal. 

The first to cross blades with the enemy was Brother d'Avesnes, storming around to engage the closest enemy.  The enemy Arif ran to join the fray and Brother d'Avesnes was sorely pressed to Defend himself against both attackers. Some enemy strikes cut through his guard but he was armoured with the True faith and his protection held strong.

With the sun glinting brightly from his menacing two handed Sword, Serjeant Albrecht rushed to join the fray but was intercepted by a Saracen en route (actually the Serjeant failed the faith test for the charge and was then intercepted). They clashed blades briefly before the Albrecht struck him down and then moved to attack the Arif, the large blade slicing through the enemy commander’s armour to wound him.  Taking advantage of this distraction, Brother d'Avesnes rallied, striking down his opponent and then turning to finish off the Arif with righteous fury.  The remaining Saracen archer scuttled away rather than continue to face the wrath of the Templars.

(Those wondering what part Templar Commander Wulfred van Gistel played in the battle, will be bemused to know that he failed 3 faith tests in a row (despite his the Loner rerolls) and spend the entire battle either observing his team or fleeing as Saracens arrows pinged off his armour without penetrating)

In the aftermath of the battle, Serjeant Michael was found dead with a Saracen shaft sunk deep in his chest - another martyr in the cause of keeping the Holy Land safe for pilgrims (he rolled a 1 on a d20 for effects of being Taken Down!) It was a sorrowful conclusion to what had otherwise been a strong Templar victory, and his remains were recovered for a proper Christian burial on sanctified ground.

Game notes: 

·         Shield bash as a second attack – second roll made at the same time? If conducted as a second attack with opposed die rolls, then the defender has another chance to hit in return. We played that the Attacker rolls the two attack die at the same time, to the defender’s single defence dice.

·         Multiple Combats: a 2 v 1 matchup is well documented in the rules, but what happens when a reinforcement joins to make it a 2 v 2 combat? We just split the engagement into two separate 1 v1 melee actions.


  1. Glad to see this gorgeous building in the center of the scenario...superb minis!

  2. Replies
    1. Fun, straight forward rules with a great narrative system bringing it all to life

  3. Great looking terrain and the game system is very intriguing

    1. Thanks Miles! The system's strength is clearly geared to progressive development, but I like the mechanics for missile and melee combat too.

  4. Good looking game and figures,it was worth persevering with the building as it looks excellent!
    Best Iain

  5. As the game’s author it is great to see people having so much fun with my rules! That looked like a fun game with some beautiful models and stunning scenery!!

    1. Thanks Jamie - that means a lot coming from you!
      Thank you for all the hard work and effort you clearly put into the game