28 May 2019

Templar Warband for Outremer: Faith and Blood

I've now finished painting my first warband for Outremer: Faith and Blood. I have gone with Templars and enjoyed putting them together. Overall they form a small, heavily armed and armoured group.

Figs are Crusader metals, an old (1996) Reaper Mini, and the crossbowman is from the Frostgrave line.

Groundwork is sand, base coated Sail Colour (Mr Hobby No 85), Army Painter Soft Tone Wash, brushbrushed Vallejo Dark Sand.
During their first encounter against the Saracens, Wulfred took down an enemy, while the Sergeant Michael was taken down by a mounted Saracen before he could loose a single bolt. Brother Albrecht and Sergeant Gervaise also took down an enemy each, but then Wulfred had his horse shot from beneath him by enemy archers.  After counting their booty and paying for their upkeep, they have a purse of 98 Livre.

Stats wise for the game, my force has the following lineup after expanding the retinue with another Sergeant to boost their numbers. God Willed It.

Wulfred van Gistel – Templar Knight of Flemish heritage
Heavy Armour, Large Shield, Great Helm
Skills: Fast Leaner, Loner Sunder shield
XP:48 (Turcopolier Level 1)

Brother Henri d'Avesnes
Heavy Armour, Large Shield, Helm
Skills: Take Cover, Sneaky
XP:8 (Knight Brother 1)

Gervaise, Templar Sergeant 
Heavy Armour, Short Shield, Great Helm
Sword, Mace
Skills: Huge Build
XP:11 (Sergeant Recruit 2)

Albrecht, Templar Sergeant 
Heavy Armour, Helm, Great Sword, Sword
Skills: Nil
XP:0 (Sergeant Recruit 1)

Michael, Templar Sergeant
Skills: Nil
XP:6 (Sergeant Recruit 1)