19 October 2011

Group North Blood Bowl Tournament 2011

You may recall that around this time last year fellow Man Caver Comrade James (of the South Australian Man Cave Annex) participated in the Group North Blood Bowl Tourney, pulling off a highly respectable third place.  Well its on again this year and Round One starts tonight.  I know you'll all join with me and The Lad in being Cheering Fans for the Comrade's "Coromandel Nightmares", a Dark Elf team

The tourney includes six teams and is run as a 5 round Resurrection style league, with Rosters of 1.2 mil, and adding 4 skills extra at 20k each.  The best 2 teams will play off in final.   Aside from the Comrade's Dark Elves, participants include Vamps, Dwarves, Slann, Chaos and one other, as yet unknown...

Lots more to follow and the Comrade promises lots of Man Cave exclusive coverage of this esteemed event!

The Nightmares roll in a TD in their win against a Human team in the 2010 Tourney


  1. Argh! I hope your mate wins, I look forward to the man cave coverage.

  2. * note - no offense intended *

    Were there more teams involved last year when he got third? Top 50 percentile is respectable, I dunno about highly respectable ;)

  3. And I'm sure the Comrade would take none either Tristan, fair question.

    We Man Cave gamers play for fun, usually with beer. We value attempts at heroic though unlikely plays, and persistent thematic actions despite the fact that its probably not in our best interests. Generally, this makes us less than highly competitive.

    Therefore, any result other than coming last is highly commendable. And simply having the opportunity to attend (and the permission from SWMBO) commands respect!

  4. Me wantz game reportz...and lotz of picz pleaze :)

  5. Best of luck to Comrade James.

  6. fair enough! we try to combine highly competitive with intoxication, usually with predictable results! :)