24 October 2011


The boys ventured forth on Saturday to BLOCKtober, a small Blood Bowl tourney held in the Melbourne CBD.  En route we dropped in to see our mate Nic at Euereka Miniatures, bough a bunch of things we didn't expect to (including a Flakosaurus http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2011/06/new-dinotruppen.html and a bunch of Nic's "Frog Warriors" range for conversion into a Blood Bowl Slann team) and coincidentally caught up with long lost Man Caver Oberst Owen briefly before we had to go.

We got to the tourney around midday.  As it is a 2 day, 6 game event we were never going to be able to be full participants (all in good time), but we went for a look and have some fun regardless.  We were warmly welcomed by the players there and had a look at some very nice teams and game mats (the orange tinted AusBowl pitch from FF Fields is very distinctive - I'll have to get one in the future).  Then we quietly settled into a corner to play a matchup of the Lad's killer Orc team the "Deathstars" vs my Human Team the "Cerberus Slayers".  As part of my inducements I got star players Morg 'n Thorg (being used for the first time in his new paint scheme) and Mighty Zug who would become instrumental in fighting off the well developed Orcs.
I won the toss, elected to kick off, and a long, grinding half began.  A classic Troll vs Ogre duel began in the centre, and the Lad's pair of ruthless ST5 Black Orcs smashed through the line to go headhunting.  Bolstered with Mighty Zug and a pair of Blitzers skilled with Guard, the Human line generally held  and gave ground slowly.  An Orc fumble about half way through the half presented an opportunity and a Human Blitzer ran to grab it, only to be shoved into the crowd and killed.  Another Human Blitzer, understandably upset at this, rushed forward to avenge him but perhaps regretted his impulsive behaviour when was badly hurt in the block he threw.  The misery continued when a Human lineman was ejected after he fouled star Orc Blitzer who had just killed his pal - the only consolation being that the Orc was stretchered off to the KO box.  A scrappy scrum developed and the half time siren sounded with the scoreboard still blank.  However, the Orc Blitzer recovered from being KOed, the Human star blitzers were off for the duration and the Human bench was empty with all reserves now on the field...

The Orcs kicked off to start the second half and a left flank push saw a Human breakthough on the left deep into the Orc Half with a catcher well protected by a Slayer Blitzer.  The Human thrower scooped up the ball to pass to them- a touchdown was certain!   That is until star Orc Blitzer Grink Lightningfeet leapt up to grab an intercept!!!  After another few turns of two well-played dodging and weaving past the Human safeties, he broke through to put the Deathstars into the lead with just 3 turns to run in the game.  Surely the winning TD had just been scored.
Very well aware that they had to hold off the Humans for the remainder of the half, the Orcs set up in an uncharacteristic deep ziggurat style formation to disrupt the Human advance.  The ball was kicked deep, dropping beautifully into the back corner of the human half and the Slayer thrower rushed back to grab it as the forward line advanced.  The Human push went deep on the right flank this time and the Orcs surged to contain it.  A scrum ensued, but then in the last turn of the half a Human catcher eventually dodged through and ran into the end zone. All he needed now was the ball.  The Slayer thrower, who had collected it by now, sprinted forward, and threw a lovely long pass which sailed into the catcher's glove as the full time siren blew: a 1 all draw!!!!  The Lad was not pleased to see his hard fought win disappear at the last second, but ended up with a smile in the end.
Overall, a tough game and the score probably reflected the game play well (though the Lad might not agree).  The Orcs won the casualty battle though - they inflicted 3 casualties (including 1 death) and the Humans badly hurt 2 Orcs but they will be back next game.  It was also fun to play on a different pitch with a mat loaned by the Blocktober Commissioner, who then very generously gave the Lad a set of red "Bushranger Bowl" dice to remember his first BB comp.  Thanks to all the players there for their very friendly welcome and a great atmosphere to play in.

PS When we got home the Blood Bowl frenzy was still upon us and after dinner we played again - my Vampires vs the Lad's new Ogre team (pics later). I won 2 nil, but in the process suffered 5 casualties but only inflicted one.  This included my team having two deaths (1 a vampire!  But luckily a new one playing his first game, and without skills) plus got a niggling injury on a veteran Vamp.  The Lad is now up to 15 career kills, as opposed to my pitiful 2: I couldn't even kill a snotling!


  1. Sounds like good times. Love the idea of BLOCKTOBER. I may have to use that as a term for my Orks this month!

  2. Sounds like a really nice event. There are plans for a BloodBowl tournament here in Sweden, unfortunately it will be held too far away from where I live so I won't be able to participate :-(

  3. Sounds fun, your reports have really got me itching to play BB with my son.

  4. Shame on you for not even killing a snotling, sounded like good fun though.

  5. I can't wait for my mate Adam's BB tournament to finally get started. My human lads - The Stirland Dockers- are all painted up and ready to call. I'll have some photo's up on the blog later this month.
    By the way, I like the Lads color scheme for his orcs. Absolutely no chance of getting confused with any other orc team out there. And that scoreboard is cracking.