01 October 2011

More WWW2 German Power Armour

At 1/48 these would look appropriately chunky next to 28mm figs.  I'm tempted to get a squads worth.


Here they are after the fantastic brushwork of Agis Neugebauer (used with permission)

Project X Power Armour Trooper

A German Power Armour Soldat by North Stars Project X line. The mini is 1/48 scale, but fits IMO very well to 28 mm minis.
The second mini is a conversion of another Project X German Power Armour Soldat, this time with a rocket pack. The pack is scratch build from some 1/48 plastic kit bombs, some GW flamer parts and some Plasticard.
The third black Officer is also from the Project X range. “Upgraded” with a Darkson design head, GW Space Marine arms and a Bolt Action Miniatures MG 42.


  1. I like the chunky look of them, so the size would fit nicely.

  2. Those would look cool as Terminators or some other Elite unit....or,i guess i could use them in my Doom:the Boardgame ;)


  3. Got some and did some conversions, photos (IIRC) in the Alt-Krieg Yahoo group...

  4. Gots me a squad of those bad boys! Best looking German power armor out there I think. I added dual drum mags to the mgs on a couple and replaced the mg with some Mp44s. If you got any 1/35 German stuff, a panzerfaust in that scale looks perfect for those bad boys. Play it as a panzerfaust 150 or a prototype 250.

    Great mini,

  5. Sounds awesome Brian - you got some pics of those to share with us affectionados?