16 October 2015

ECW Uniforms

I recently found another useful article at Warlords Games, which depicts some of the ECW displays at the Combined Military Services Museum - here

The museum’s English Civil War collection is one of the finest in the country, with armour, swords, polearms, muskets and clothing from the period on display.


Alan and I clearly need to find an excuse to go on an ECW pilgrimage to the UK I think...


  1. Sure sounds like a solid idea to me!

  2. Fascinating stuff. I sold most of my ECW books and guides before emigrating. Now, of course, I want to get back into the period again. Ho hum.

    1. Well at least you have a good idea of what references were good and which ones you wouldn't buy again.
      What scale are you thinking about? We are going with 6mm for an army scale game for something different to our more usual 28mm, but I can see some lovely options with bigger figs too.