31 October 2015

Tanktober #31

We are closing out this year's Tanktober with this blast from the past of'Oberst Owen' and I posing with a classic Panzer more than a few years ago now - and she is a movie star no less!


  1. What a star! The Bovington Tiger I. After performing so well in Fury, apparently Tiger 131 will soon be appearing as romantic lead in a comedy with Scarlett Johansson. I can't wait.

  2. The famous Bovington Tiger 1 number 131. panzerkamfwagen VI SdKfz 181. In February 1944 Hitler abolished the term Panzerkampfwagen VI with the new designation being Panzerkamfwagem Tiger Ausf E. There were other designations through its production like Panzerkamfwagen Tiger Ausf H, basically depends on the time of production etc.
    Tiger 131 is the only running vehicle of its kind in the world and was captured in Tunisia during the North African campaign.

  3. I believe thats is a Tiger 1, if I'm not mistaken. Notice the stealthy nature of the giant beast as it hides behind two miscreants who, I suspect, are unaware of the Tiger's presence.

    Scary stuff

  4. Tiger I at Bovington; the famous Tiger 131, captured in Tunisia when a shot stuck in the turret ring and the crew bailed on it. The only running Tiger and recent star of Fury.

  5. Nice cat. What a cool beast to see in the flesh (Steel?) :)