03 October 2015

Tanktober #3

Tanktober competition Day 3 presents this very characterful beast (see here).

Just to be clear on scoring:
      1 point for correct identification of the vehicle
      1 point for doing so first
      1 point for identifying the location

You can go back and fill out any missed days at any time, so late-commers can catch up easily.


  1. M50 Ontos. I believe it is in marines's museum.
    The picture depict it when it was used in Vietnam, maybe Hue street during Tet operation?

  2. Great Tanktober choice :) One of my favorite fighting vehicles of all time! Suitably crazy looking :)

  3. I'd seen those before, and I recognize the gun loadout . . . but I didn't know the designation before.

  4. It's the Ontos in the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico VA. It's on the 1st floor on the left as you leave the entry way.

  5. Ontos, baby!

    It was great for six shots and then kinda sucked for reloading