10 October 2015

Tanktober #10

Bonus points Saturday - for additional scores:
* identify BOTH the tanks in the Background and the Foreground
* What was the common slang name given to the foreground Tank by its crews?


  1. Nice! I don't know where they are, but that's a SU-76 in the foreground, a KV1 behind it, and I reckon the muzzle break to the left belongs to a IS-2. The SU-76 was commonly called the Suka ('bitch').

  2. Su-76 in the foreground.
    KV-1 in the background.

    No idea where, or the nickname.

    The KV-1 is one of my favorite tanks, no matter how poorly it did when I ran the Soviets in Steel Panthers. ;)

    All of this makes me feel bad that I didn't own a camera that time I went to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland, USA.

    1. Actually, I know where now - I googled the SU-76 and found a different angle picture of that same exact one. That feels like cheating, though, so I won't say where.

  3. The foreground is the SU-76 at Bovington. The background is the KV-1B. The SU-76 was called the "Bitch" or "Little Bitch" or sometimes the "bared assed Ferdinand" which I don't actually believe because soldiers are simple and that's a long ass name.

  4. Background. KV1 Foreground SU76 nicknames Suka/Bitch. Suchka/Little Bitch or Golozhopiy Ferdinand/Bare arsed Ferdinand.

  5. Sorry SU76M and KV1 Model 1941 at Bovington

  6. Su76, KV1, world war 2 soviet tanks

    I didnt know for Bovington, until people said.

  7. Huh. I thought I remembered Bovington well, but I'd forgotten these were there.

  8. nickname was probably something russian fatalistic like....
    tin coffin for comrades...
    or more propagandish...
    Nhazee destruction workers peoples artillery tracked tractor...

    Cheers :)

  9. Su-76 upfront and a KV-1 in the back