20 February 2010

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

I'm sure you guys remember this classic, written by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston way back when. Well Comrade James kindly sent the lad a copy of the new edition version for his birthday, and its been a real treat to see him discover the fun and frustrations of the fighting Fantasy books for himself. Here is the young adventurer hard at work...
Thanks Comrade James, I'd forgotten about these little gems!


  1. Fantastic mate, glad he liked it :) The first 4 in the series are out as far as I can see, couldn't resist broadening the lads gaming pedigree ;)

  2. google "andy merritt"
    he's a snd hand dealer in boardgames of all kinds..
    he has a STACK of these on his list going dirt cheap
    bought a few bits off him.. hes reliable