22 February 2010

Bag the Hun 2 released today

Too Fat Lardies today released the long awaited 2nd edition of bag the Hun: a WW2 aerial combat game. In the same style as Algy Pulls it Off for WW1 aerial scraps (which we have enjoyed), Squadron Leader Johnny Danger leads a bunch of brave lads against Fritz, Tojo and all comers!



And just found a review of BtH2 here:

Actually, with a handful of 1/600 planes this would be a cracker.

....Oh dear, I'm doing it again aren't I....


  1. You sure are! Donner und Blitzen, Achtung Englander Schweinhund etc, etc...........;-)

    Tumbling Dice have a great range of 1/600th WW2 types as well...;-)

  2. Cracker simply isn't the word for it... sublime is pretty close. If you liked Algy then you'll love BtH.

    Only a handful of planes?!? Pssshhh we've found that a player can handle around a dozen planes each when you know the rules, best of all is 1/600 aircraft are cheap, really, really cheap.


  3. Ah, I have been waiting for this, John

  4. I dont know why I bother with the pretense of having any willpower these days...