20 February 2010

WAAAGHing in the south....

The boys on the waagh...80 boyz, with armour support in the background.....
Just a quick few pics, given that its late and I just finished my first ever Warhammer 40 K tournament (or any tournament for that matter) 4 games in one day, took me a while to come down from that!! Overall won 2 lost 2, and came 23 out 0f 32, not a spectacular result but given the two guys I squeaked a win over went on to come 5th and 11th I was pretty happy....of note, the top two guys both ran the new look Tyranid armies...


  1. Awesome mate! I think that is a great result - you've done better than me in any 40k tourney! 2 wins too- sweet!

    I'll inform the Lad of your Victories :-D

  2. Cheers mate, I'll provide a short run down of each ganme and general lessons from the Tourney soon....

  3. Well, looks like the Greenskins are getting a bit uppity eh?
    Well done though; giving guys who came higher than you a biffing is good for morale... what about the two who beat you; where did they place....?
    I like the Nids; that new critter wip must be enourmous!!!!

  4. Thanks Owen. The two who beat me came 20th and 18th I think, the other two played the bonus points system very well to turn defeats into marginal defeats and wins into big wins.Apparently thats what you do at a tournament...next time! As for the Nid, that was the work of the guy who won the whole tournament, its a Tervigon for those in the know.