23 February 2010

Redemption- Game 3 (see earlier posts)

Jokers to the left ,jokers to the right of me, stuck in the waagh with you.....
We're behind you lads!!! 12 inches behind you in fact...
A very nice terrain piece with the middle objective visible (the pair of wings) The Warboss and lads close on the pesky Terminators...never mind that Dreadnought!! cough cough splutter!! Game 3 was another Sieze and Hold multi objective mission with the Pitched battle (within 12 inches of the table edge) deployment. This time I was up against Space Wolves, consisting of three Rhinos loaded with 2 lots of standard troops and one of Bloodclaws (close assault specialists), a 5 Terminator squad with Librarian,2 lots of LongFangs (heavy weapon dudes) a Dreadnought and a Lone Wolf (crazed suicide Terminator hero). For Space Wolves it was fairly tame (pardon the pun) but he still managed to steal the DA after a two Rhino assault and kept him until the end. I advanced my two lots of 30 orks together supported by the Deff Dread, and kept the Wierdboy and his Gang of 20 in the trees around one of the 3 objectives. All my armour sat on the left flank to provide fire support. Highlights were the combined assault of the Meganobs (yes Paul, have a giggle) and 30 orkboys that wiped out the Terminators and Librarian (after the Librarian had opened a chasm beneath one of the Meganobs using Jaws of the Werewolf) and for the Space Wolves, the ability of the Lone Wolf to hold off against my Deff Dread and 30 ork boys...until sheer weight of dice overwhelmed him. I managed to get my Deffcoptas to drop Da Big Bomm on a squad of Space Puppies , then charge the same unit, although as I found out to my cost, the low initiative of orks meant that the Space Puppies actually attacked first and swatted my brave lads from the skies.On my left flank, the Battlewagon proved a popular target, and was finally wrecked, leaving the stunned Lootas to pile out onto the nearby hill and lick their wounds for the rest of the game.In the end, the Meganobs and Warboss clung onto the objective in the middle of the table whilst his Dreadnought wiped out my Wierdboy and Gang from the 2nd objective, leaving another uncontested by either side. So a 1 nil victory for the Orks.My opponent went on to claim 5th place overall, and no wonder because he played the metagame of contest points very well, and I was, I think quite lucky that my lads held on in the middle.

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