28 February 2010

Roger Blue Leader!

Found my old VCR copy of "Battle of Britain" the other day (yes the awesome 1969 flick)- I don't even have a VCR anymore...So I zipped out today and got the remastered 2 disk edition. That will give me some inspiration for my new project tonight as I do all the ironing :-D


  1. I have the same double disc set. It's a fantastic movie and should be required viewing before playing Bag the Hun.

    "Never let me catch you doing a victory roll over my airfield again. Understood?"

  2. Almost eclipsed by: "Dont you yell at me Mr Warrick!"

  3. Or the classic "Watch out for the Hun in the sun Simon!"......great film and the soundtrack CD is pretty good as well.

    "They got the squadron leader, he just blew up..........!"

    This film and Zulu have a lot to answer for in terms of wargaming inspiration!

  4. As a couple boxes of Redcoats and Zulus in my garage can attest to!

    The Polish Squadron scenes are great too!

  5. "Silence. Shut Up... In Polish!!!"

    Don't start me on the Zulus... I think the Pendraken 10mm Zulus and the new Black Powder rules would be a fantastic combination.

  6. I think the poles have to have a "Repeat, please" card in their deck