21 February 2010

Redemption List

I'll break up this barrage of posts with a quick summary of my list, for those interested..

HQ Warboss with heavy chopper and hvy armour(scrimped on points so no mega armour for him...he managed to survive surprisingly well) Wierdboy psyker with warphead reroll(undecided about this guy, Jase painted him to an awesome level for me (pics to follow) but in game his effect was a little random...which is actually grounds to keep him in an Ork list :))

Elites 3 Meganobs with Trukk dedicated transport (count as troops with a warboss) 4 Lootas and a Mek with Kustom Mega blasta

Fast Attack 3 Deffkoptas with twin linked rokkits and one BigBomm (see earlier pics)

Troops 2 lots of 30 Boyz with choppa and slugga,a big shoota and rokkit launcher each,as well as 1 basic Nob each without upgrades (a mistake) 19 shoota boys (who stuck with the wierd boy, mainly just to see what stoopid things he'd do)

Heavy Support Deffdread with big shoota and rokkit launcher(its how it came when I got it off ebay, I should have taken the flamer option) Battlewagon open topped with Kannon and Big shoota (became the bunker for the Lootas) Looted Wagon with Boomgun (a Basilisk) The list was pretty tame really, I didn't max out any units with cheesy nastiness (darn it) so no powerklaws on the Nobs to open tanks and only a smattering of Lootas and deffkoptas with bigbomms (needed twice as many)

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  1. It might be a tame list mate, but it got you 2 wins!