21 February 2010

Redemption Game 2 (See Game 1 below)

The initial deployment. Note Orkburger Hill already occupied by my Boyz..
Ah, such an inspiring combined arms view....appearances can be deceptive.....
30 went up, 3 came down...the 3 survivors can be seen running for a well earned rest in the ruins on the right
It was all going so well...........note the two Rhinos...they don;t look very threatening there do they??!!
Game 2 was a Capture and Control mission( one objective each) with Dawn of War deployment (1 HQ and 2 troops start on table, the rest are reserves, and night rules are in effect for turn 1, although we both forgot that). My opponent was Chaos Space Marines, with a 20 man and 10 man CSM troops, 10 Thousands sons, 2 pairs of Obliterators (nasty heavy weapons dudes that morph into whatever heavy weapon you want each turn) a Defiler (that enormous Chaos walker with the equally enormous cannon) and two RHino transports.
The twist was that we had to scatter our objectives in a random direction 2D6 inches, which put both our objectives closer to the middle of the table, and critically for me later in the game, put mine into open terrain vice the ruins I had conveniently located it in.....
I got first turn and charged one unit of 30 boys straight up the hill where the DA was and captured him.That hill (see pics) I later named Orkburger Hill, as 30 orks went up, and only 3 came back down...the second mob of 30 skirted around it(orks ain't DAT stoopid...).....the hill became the focal point of every blast and heavy weapon he had right from turn 1, as he attempted to slaughter the boyz holding the DA.......fortunately for me I was very lucky with my morale tests and the 3 surviving boyz held the DA in a ruined building right until the end of the game, earning me 5 crucial bonus points.
Highlights and lowlights were my warboss and Meganobs charging in with their trukk,with Deffcoptas flying in support above, slaughtering the Thousand Sons, then 2 Obliterators, and then charging the Defiler hiding in the back corner.....followed by the Warboss fleeing for his life until brought down by 17 Chaos space marines concentrating fire on his rapidly disappearing green backside (assaulting the Defiler didn't go so well....)
The other amusing moment was the Wierdboy rolling the teleport psychic power and teleporting his own squad of 20 shoota boyz right in the face of the Obliterators, unloading with 40 shots, and scoring no wounds....Orkburger hill was spared that turn as the combined firepower of the Defiler and others left the Weirdboy on his own where moments before he had been safely surrounded by 20 brave, stupid and slightly confused Orks...needless to say, he required rear facing armoured underpants as well as he rapidly relocated to my backline....I lost in the dying turns of the game which until then looked like a draw as we both held our objectives, until his two empty Rhinos, hitherto ignored by me, managed to pick the gap between my Battlewagon and Orkburger Hill and contest mine. His was uncontested at the end as apparently shooting down one of your own Deffcoptas with a blast template fired by over exuberant grots in a looted Basilisk can tend to lower your units' chances of survival....

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