23 February 2010

Redemption- Game 4 (Last one :) )

One for Paul, a whole table of these looked awesome :) Aquarium trees I believe.. Initial Deployment..don't blink, you may miss my vehicles actually being alive..... At the end of his second shooting phase...a bad day to be in the Ork Armoured Corps.... End of the game... This will be very short and snappy. Anhilation mission (1 point per destroyed enemy unit) with corner to corner Spearhead deployment, my Orks versus Imperial Guard. First turn went to the Guard.What followed was what I can best describe as a clinical and surgical destruction of my army, beginning with all my vehicles, and then my Warboss and Deffcoptas,and finally my two groups of 30.....and all I managed to give him was a Hellhound with a slight limp......On the very last turn ,one group of boys wiped out an infantry squad in one combat, but given the final score of 7-1 that was definitely a revenge killing.....My opponent was a real gent who thanked me for maintaining my high spirits throughout the game despite the obvious slaughter my army was suffering and for not adopting The Face (that look one tends to get when the battle is clearly lost and all you want to be is anywhere but there...)Personally I think I was just in shock and and didn't have time to register any other emotion!! Thats it for Redemption, if people are interested I'll post my thoughts on the tourney and lessons I learnt as a newbie tournament player, but otherwise I whould shut up for a while..;)

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  1. Well Bravo the orks and well done you! Would love to hear your thoughts on tourney playing and list bulding