27 February 2010

Just a few Lads for the fray...

1/600 planes are rather small and relatively cheap, so I've (once again) decided that a little diversion is in order, focuing on early war and Battle of Britain in particular. So I've ordered the following from Tumbling Dice:

ISA41 Spitfire Mk 1 x6
ISA42 Hurricane x6
ISA44 Briston Blenheim x4

ISA141 Me Bf109e x12
ISA142 Me Bf110 x6
ISA143 Ju87 x 8
ISA144 He111 x 6

Decals - because little planes just aren't as cool without them...
600-GE-1 Balkan Cross, early war, thin
600-GE-2 Balkan Cross, early war, thick
600-GE-10a Swastika Tail Markings
600-GB-6 Type A1 side panels
600-GB-7 Type B upper wing

And a hundred 1mm x 3mm circular N50 magnets for the basing. I've had a gutful of broken flight stands over the years so I'll give magnets a go I think. Tally-Ho!


  1. Your weakness knows no bounds!

    And here's me having just ordered a bunch of 1/35 scale pre-painted Machinen Kreiger minis!

  2. Guess I learned it from you mate!

    They are cool models though, remind me of Red Blok striders in AT-43

  3. Sweet! Can't wait to see them on the table.

  4. Awesome - being a 'propeller head' with a BIG interest in the Battle of Britain, would appreciate if you can post some photos.

  5. I haven't gotten them finished Colin, but there will definitely be pics once they are done!