13 February 2010

Man Cave Operational!

I spent some time this weekend getting the man cave into a useful organisation. As you can see, its now ready for action! So wth a view of getting back into some modelling and painting, I was recently inspired by the Painting block here: http://www.balagan.org.uk/war/modelling/painting_block.htm

And so I went to work this weekend to make me one. I used scrap wood and an old rake handle cut into 6cm sections. Holes were drilled with a spade bit, leaving 4cm between holes so I can get my fingers inbetween and get the fig I want. I made it in a 12 x 2 config so it doesnt take up too much desk space. I had some spare bits left over so made a smaller one for smaller projects. The stands comfortably hold up to a 25mm fig on a slotta base. So, job done, now just got to put it into action. And I've just now realised that Autumn is not faraway and SWMBO will be looking for the handle-less leaf rake soon..