30 April 2012

Z is for Zara

Today is the last day of April's A to Z Challenge!  Which means its Z today and Z is for Zara the Slayer...

Zara is a feisty young lass who may or may not be related to a certain other Blonde "slayer" character from a TV series.  She can play for Amazon, Dwarf, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Norse and Wood Elf teams with the following stats:

Mv 6 St 4 Ag 3 Av 8  Loner, Block, Dauntless, Dodge, Jump Up, Stab, Stakes     270,000 gold

These last two are a great combo, and Zara is the only player is the whole game to have Stakes.  Essentially, Stab is pretty much how it sounds - instead of making a block the player gets an unmodified roll against the Victim's Armour.  Stakes, means that Zara does this with a big, pointy wooden stake, which gives a +1 bonus against Undead players!

There are wonderful pics of Zara minis here and here

Thanks for sticking with me through the A to Z of Blood Bowl.  I hope you have found it of interest!


  1. My Zara is still in the blister. I did face her in an event once where I was playing Necro. Not pretty for me.

  2. Well done on completing the challenge and for managing to get a picture of Sarah-Michelle Gellar into it!!

  3. Yep top marks for fitting a Buffy pic into Z!

  4. ...why 'Zara'?
    Wouldn't 'Zzharg Madeye' fit just as nicely?

    OR IS IT because he's short, bearded and has a pointy-funny looking hat on the top of his head?
    I bet he would pick and throw the pig-skin a lot more accurately then her with his 'Sure Hands', 'Pass','Strong Arm', 'Hail Mary Pass', 'Tackle', and 'Thick Skull'!
    And only costs a third!!! (Yeah, 90,000 gold).
    Besides, when you had to carry the team to the games, not only he would occupy a lot less space (well he's a dwarf after all), but it would also save you money in the long run:
    -no hairdresser, -no nail care, -no fancy dresses to go out at night, -no wine and dine, and I can almost bet you would even save money in water as I believe (chaos) dwarves and water dont mix.
    It shortens them I've heard.

    Congrats for a very funny A-Z month!