02 April 2012

Blogging from A to Z

I'm going to dive into this for a laugh, with a game theme the Lad can enjoy and help with - yep, Blood Bowl!
I know I'm a day adrift on starting, so I'll post the first one retrospectively (which you can find using tabs)
Today's post, being 2 Apr, is B.

B is for Blodging

Blodging is the term applied when a player has both the Block and Dodge skill, which means they are very hard to bring down (indeed its a 1 in 6 chance on each die rolled).  Clearly this is a powerful skill combo you want on your own players and have to overcome on the opposition.
2nd Edition Rulebook illustration from http://www.bloodbowl.org/
One approach is to throw lots of dice -  a 1 in 6 chance in a Three Die Block is obviously better than one.  Pushes still work though, so you can also push him into the crowd if he is near the sidelines, and let the fans do your work for you.  Placing lots of tackle zones on the player forces him to roll dice to get away in his own turn and sometimes (more often than not when its my Blodger!) that will fail.  In any event, when he is down sink the boot in with a Foul and put him out of the game permanently!


  1. So bloggers can blodge? Looking forward to your posts during the challenge.

  2. Thank the gods for Tackle! ...and wrestle.. and yes, a well placed foul :)

  3. Good advice on dealing with Blodgers. A Blodging catcher or runner type is a defensive nightmare.

  4. Excellent! Now I'll finally be able to get my head round Blood Bowl with your handy A - Z guide. looking forward to more.

  5. Bloge, my second favourate skill combo in blood bowl, just behind Claws and Mighty Blow!

  6. Aw blodge, it keeps my ghouls upright.

  7. I like the game theme, goes well with the name of the blog. Looking forward to reading more and learning some new game lingo.

  8. I can't say I understand most of the post, as a non-gamer, but .... i wanted to stop by and say best of luck with the challenge! Pretty cool resource for gamers to find topics a through z on your site!

    Alana @ writercize.blogspot.com
    Found you through A to Z!