05 April 2012

E is for Extra Arms

One of the fun bits about developing teams which access them, are mutations!  More on these later, but today’s one of them is particularly neat: Extra Arms

I am the first to admit that there are many occasions in which a third beer holder would be ‘handy’ (‘Dirty Players’ should probably stop their minds from wandering elsewhere at this point…).  On the Blood Bowl Pitch its very useful as players who have this get a +1 modifier to pickup or catch the ball, and to intercept opposition passes that go over him (or her).
"Spider" Smith: Star Catcher for the Chaos All Stars
And the lead version by Impact Miniatures
This is very useful for low Agility (2 or 3) players as from a ball handling sense is equivalent to an Ag boost, which seem to be very elusive on the players you most want them on.  On the Higher Ag players its less useful, but if taken will negate the effects of a Tackle Zone while conducting these actions, or even the modifiers if the weather turns to pouring rain and the ball gets slippery.  Thus, it could be viewed as a substitute for the skill Nerves of Steel (which allows players to ignore the negative penalties of doing ball handling actions when an opposing player is next to them), where that might not be available.  Plus it looks cool, which is important in any wargame!
Mutant Beastman with Extra Arms from our Chaos team "The Knights who say Ni'
GW figure
Want to Know more?  http://bbtactics.com/extra-arms/


  1. paul, how are you on letter "E" already?!? is it the benefit of having that extra arm, does it mean you can type your essays twice as fast? (or maybe that is 50% faster, not 100% faster).

    found your blog on the a to z, and will definitely be back!! I am a follower now. :)

    take a peek at my blog too if you get a chance. I write humor (or at least I pretend to).


    1. The wonders of being 10hrs ahead of Greenwich Meant Time!
      Thanks for dropping in, I'll check your blog out too :-)

  2. MOV: Paul lives in a land beyond a veil of myth and shadow, known as an international dateline ;)

    That picture is perfects. great find. I've made some extra arm conversions on minis more than a few times, but don't think I've ever given the skill to anyone on a team I've played.

    The time I played underworld my plan for a team full of mutations quickly got shelved as I took the same old regular skills trying to make the team playable ;)

    1. I would have thought you'd relish the opportunity for another of your awesome conversions, this time on a Gobbo!

    2. I gave a couple of the goblins extra arms, just never gave them the skills.. the goblins didn't last long enough (or earn enough SPP) to end up giving them any skills :(

  3. I definitely agree the extra arms has a certain cool factor :)

  4. Paul: great looking minis and excellent ideas. I wish I had the time/space/friends required to do some good Bloodbowl and table-top gaming. RPG is our bag, for better or worse.

    Keep up the good work and good luck with the challenge. I'll be back around soon!


  5. Hi

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. In this era of multi-tasking, one can certainly do with a few extra arms.

  6. This is hilarious. I'm glad I stopped by!

    A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds