07 April 2012

G is for Get the Ref!

Upon each kickoff, 2 d6s are rolled to see what random Kick off event occurs.
On a 2, the result is Get the Ref!
The fans extract gruesome revenge on the referee for some of the dubious decisions he has made, either during this match or in the past.  His replacement is so intimidated that he can be more easily persuaded to look the other way.
Each team is given a free Bribe, which can be used to negate being caught for a Foul (see Dirty Player) or for using a secret weapon (but you'll have to wait for 'S' day for that one!).  Who says Victory can't be bought? :-)


  1. Hmm? Some great pics, I laughed at the first and second, but then saw the third, yum yum!