13 April 2012

Ogre Ver6: Designer's Edition

Long time readers may know that Stave Jackson's classic game OGRE was my first wargame and I still deeply love it.  In fact, I think I have everything printed for it apart from the 1st edition game.  Thus I was pretty excited to hear last year about a 6th Edition being developed (see here).
Well, a year later on and this game is now up on Kickstarter!  SJ details why he has gone this way on the project homepage.  $100 will get you signed up for a copy (ONLY if you live in the US though...grumble spit grumble).  Its an awesome package and if OGRE is your thing, go check it out:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/847271320/ogre-designers-edition


  1. It does look interesting, I had missed the previous version.

  2. I remember this but then again I'm old!

  3. My very first wargame ever.....love it! And I second your grumble re:US sales only.....:(