23 April 2012

T is for Throw a Rock!

Having already introduced the idea of random events during Kick-Off in an earlier post, a result of 11 yields the result of Throw a Rock!

When this happens, each team makes a roll (adding FAME) and the winner's fans express their displeasure by throwing a deadly projectile (likely an empty beer can) at a random opposing player.  The armour of that player is automatically broken and you roll for injury.  Pretty annoying when its a key player - I've had a veteran Blitzer killed this way before!


  1. Ouch, thats got to hurt! Damned annoying to.

  2. Perfect picture! 'Are there any women here today?" -oh no no no no.

    1. Beard and stone seller: Stone, sir?

      Mother: No, they've got a lot there, lying around on the ground.

      Beard and stone seller: Oh, not like these, sir. Look at this! Feel the quality of that, that's craftmanship, sir.

      Mother: Hmm...all right, we'll have two with points and...a big flat one.

      Brian: Could I have a flat one, mum?

      Mother: Ssch!

      Brian: Sorry! Dad!

      Mother: Ehm...all right, two points, ahm...two flats and a packet of gravel.