14 April 2012

M is for Mutations!

The foul, the misshapen, and the downright noxious - who wouldn't want them on their team?  Some players can get mutations as they develop, which can bring some unique skills to the pitch!  Players fielded by Chaos, Chaos Pact, Underworld, Nurgle and Skaven teams can attract mutations, with varying levels of difficulty.  We have already seen one of these in Extra Arms, but here are some others to pique your interest:

The Australian Prime Minister's popularity rating of late indicates she has developed this mutation!
Foul Appearance: The player's appearance is so horrible that the opposition may be too revolted to go near him! (Game effect: on a roll of 1 on a d6, the player refuses to Block the Foul Mutant!)

Claw: helps you smash your way through an enemy's armour and get to the chewy vitals (Game effect; break any enemy armour on an 8+, regardless of the actual armour value)

Two Heads: Are better than One! Allowing a player to see both where he is going and his opponents at the same time (Game effect, +1 bonus to dodge attempts)
Tentacles: cool, writhing bits latch onto an opposing player and hold him in place!  But there is an opposed strength roll-off, so this is most useful on your bigger and stronger players.

Chinese "goatwoman" or future star blitzer for the Chaos All-Stars?
Horns:  Lower the head and Charge into contact! (Game effect: adds 1 to strength when blitzing)

Prehensile Tail: An extra appendage to wack people and trip them up! (Game effect -1 penalty when trying to dodge away from this player)

There are a bunch of others too, but you get the idea.  When combined with normal skills they can be very effective (Dodge and Two Heads, for example) or can just make for fun and unique individuals such as 2 headed Goblins!


  1. Mutations are incredible, but what are these horrible pictures :D!

  2. Great pictures! But I think that last one is Two Heads ;)

  3. I second all of the above :D

  4. Great fun! The dog is brilliant :D

  5. LOL
    I really had a laugh with your 'Foul Appearance' example!

  6. Mutants rule. Mutate and survive the Cursed Earth. Take that Judge Dredd.