21 April 2012

S is for Secret Weapons!

Anyone can  handle the ball or have mundane game skills - but its so much more fun when a player livens up the play by smuggling a Secret Weapon onto the pitch!

Secret Weapons include Chainsaws (such as that wielded by Star Player Hack Enslash), grenades, a giant ball and chain, and a vicious tractor/steamroller combination fielded by the Dwarves called a 'DeathRoller':
Death Rollers - great fun with high petrol consumption!
The problem with a secret weapon is that once it is brought onto the pitch the referee sees it and ejects the offending player for the rest of the game after that drive finishes.  This means there is some strategy involved as to when to put them on - you want to do so when you control the pace of the drive and thus get the most out of it.   Put them on when kicking to a fast team who can score in two turns and your secret weapons disappears before he can do much.   As an inducement, a team may be able to bribe the ref to look the other way, but just this once...

This secret weapon was from the first editions and is (sadly) no longer available
The curse with secret weapons comes from the fact that a team must field 11 players if it can.  This means that if you have a few players injured or KOed you can be forced to field them.  This happened to Right Stuff recently.


  1. I love secret weapons bring such fun to the game, especially for Goblin teams.

  2. Secret Weapons are handy for the 2-1 grind game. One thing that I do not like is that the chainsaw is pretty easy to take down.

  3. They are, but they are also the only secret weapon available to many teams

  4. Nobbla is great.. blodging chainsaw! but my favorite is a goblin with the bombs and a skill up: hail mary pass. I took that combo for a tournament team and loved it. So much fun.