02 April 2012

Fantasy Football Bases

Just saw these, not sure I would bother but some of you guys might be interested:

Round resin bases : 25mm diameter*14 and 40mm diameter*2 with straight edges.

Very detailed models depicting a fantasy footbowl ground.
A fast and efficient way to give your gaming or display models and units a great look and coherency !

Suits any 25 up to 32mm miniature (Heroes, creatures, heavy units). 
Original sculpt and painting Guillaume Giroud. 
Our bases are vacuum casted and individually controled to check their quality. 

Sold unpainted by 16 assorted units . 



  1. Wow they look like lovely bases, cheers for this.

  2. They do look nice. Not so sure about the sculpted grass though. Still, could be useful. Thanks Paul.

  3. Niice. Think I might be having those.