04 December 2020

Bestigor Regiment completed

The Painting Challenge good for getting figures done, but I find that prepping for it is just as useful in spurring me to finish projects in progress and clear the desk.  Earlier this year (during AHPC 10) one of my submissions was a 10 figure Bestigor Unit with great weapons.  Since then I have added another 10 figs to the unit but the banner bearer has been sitting idle waiting for attention.  This week I finally finished that and a unit tray to hold them all.

This 20 fig unit can be split into two 10 model units, each with Champion, Banner and Musician

Overall I'm pretty happy with how this hard hitting unit has come out. I deliberately made them stand out with brighter brass armour and light aqua clothes. Their backdtory is that they ambushed an Imperial nobleman's woodlands picnic and tore up the brightly coloured party tents to wear as trophies!
I'm rather happy with how the pics have come out too - trialling some new LED lighting I got for Father's Day - should be very useful for my AHPC 11 submissions!