31 December 2020

2020 Reflections

Well, lots of people are looking forward to the end of this year. It certainly didn't pan out the way we thought it might 12 months ago, but at that time much of SE Australia was suffering from massive bushfires.  Between that and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have had a worse year than I. For me, 2020 has not been so much about loss as about disruption (The six months without blog post is telling in itself): 4 job changes, 4 house moves, lots of time apart from my family, and I am writing this NYE blog post in solo quarantine.  We are however, all safe and well, and have much to be thankful for.

This year I have discovered Twitter and it has become my main hobby platform for regular stuff, though blogging is better for bigger battle reports and the like. I wonder if Blogs will go the way of forums and Google groups? Are they an artefact of internet hobbying that has had its day? Not sure...

Rather than spam a bunch of pics, I'll let my twitter #MyHobbyYearInFourPhotos tell the story of our mostly 40k and Warhammer fantasy focused 2020, though the new edition of Blood Bowl was the focus in December. It was cool 

My World Eater force was fun to build

It was cool to have our stuff shown on the GW Hobby Roundup show on Twitch!

We got our Dwarf and Beastmen armies on the table for our first ever game of WHFB

Space 1889 - a game almost 3 decades in the making!

I also finished my annual reading challenge (just!), which is my 8th. I really enjoying doing this each year

I am currently participating in AHPC Season 11, as is Reilly- which is a LOT of fun to do together. As per usual I am being magpie but my main focus is getting my Beastman army finished, and building my Caesarian Romans for Infamy Infamy.  Then there is a little War of the Roses side project and maybe a dabble back into Ronin...

and 2021? I'll take it as it comes and just enjoy the games I get to play.

I hope your year ends well and that 2021 sees you smiling more. Be well.


  1. Happy New Year to all at The Man Cave and other rooms in the house!

  2. Happy New Year mate! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2020