12 December 2020

The Grudge of Drong - First Battle

Today saw the first game in a new Warhammer Fantasy Battles campaign between Reilly's Dwarves and club mate Gav's Dark Elves. The Grudge of Drong is a campaign setting from the 5th edition of the rules  and published in 1997 - it comprises four linked scenarios. We have adapted it for use with 8th edition and switched out the High Elves for Gav's High Elf army.

You can read more about the campaign and its rich background of racial hatred and Dwarf schisms here: 


Scenario 1 is the Battle of Grudge Pass, with a Dwarf rebellion being intercepted by an Elf force. We played it as a 2k point battle using the battlefield layout in the book with flanking hills giving artillery of both sides a commanding view of the valley.

The Dwarves stepped off quickly, belying their short legs. Their artillery was in fine form - the Cannon's opening shot killed the Cold One Chariot outright and the Organ Gun dispatched a unit of Shades which emerged from cover at close range!

The Dwarf gunline and its field of fire was a keystone to the Dwarf battle plan

Under this barrage the Dark Elves moved to close with their executioner units, under the cover of their dark magic and missile fire

The Dark Elf artillery focused on the Dwarf Ironbreakers, whose armour took a battering but they stayed unbowed and in the fight!

The stunty artillerymen retained their fine form, dispatching the enemy Hydra with a single shot. That is the penalty for showing up to a battle in an unpainted state!

The Executioners raced into combat with the Dwarf Longbeards, desperate to get to grips with the Dwarven Lord who was the key to Victory.

The Slayers advanced undeterred and with strikingly ginger hair

Dwarven Thane with the Battle Standard
The clash of steel echoed throughout Grudge Pass.

Wielding his massive Coldblade, the Dark Elf Master challenged the Dwarf Lord to a duel. This proved to be a somewhat fatal misstep and he was laid low.

Meanwhile the Dwarf Gryrocopter strafed and bombed the Dark Elf lines without mercy

With the rest of their army disintegrating around them, the Dark Elf Executioners threw themselves at the Longbeards once again and succeeded in taking down the Rebel Dwarf Lord. It was a pyrrhic Victory and one hard fought.

A fun start to the campaign - next up is the Ambush on the Dwarf Road...

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