14 December 2020

With the Strength of a warm Mars bar...yet again!

This may indeed be reminiscent of an historical incident (see  http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2009/10/with-strength-of-warm-mars-bar.html) but it has a good twist...

Reilly and I went into the local GW store recently, on the release day of the new edition of Bloody Bowl. We have played the old version a few times*. Just to take a look. You understand. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Cool, its the new Blood Bowl set. Lets check it out!

Me: Its got some good heft, must be a lot of goodies inside.

Me: Oh, it includes the full hardback new Rulebook ? (Alert: Interest level rising)

Me: And the new Black Orc and Noble Human teams too? Yes, they are very nice (Alert: Moral fortitude crumbling)

Me: Reilly hold this and feel the weight while I get the paint we need.

(and this is the best bit)

Reilly (to the GW shop assistant): We'll take this. I'll pay. 

Shame minimised, happiness significant. We are now into building not one team each but two. 

The first game of the new edition!

Reilly's new Underworld team taking shape

Most amusing moment thus far - Underworld star two-headed Goblin "Patches" O'Hooligan thrown for a match saving TD without any re-rolls by Troll team mate Bork Bulge-belly. The next day he tried it again, except Bork was feeling a bit Hungry and ate him. The very next next turn, Bork (fuelled by his Goblin nachos snack) casualtied one of my Nurgle Warriors! 

"Patches" O'Hooligan in happier times, scoring a TD

WIP shot of my Nurgle Warriors (that were a Father's day present last year)

* about a hundred matches or so. Probably more actually.


  1. Nice Paul. There's 4 of us playing locally. Well, planning to play when the US get's its act together. In the meantime though we've been playing it online via Steam. Is that Reilly in the first pic? Does he want to play Epic again? :P

    1. Yes it is, and funny you should mention Epic. We were just inboxing a bunch of it from deep storage recently when he said "I've nearly gotten over that first mega-beat down enough to try this game again"... :-)


      Say g'day to Tim and the Adeptus Inepictus lads for us!

  2. Wonderful twist! Keen to hear your opinions on this edition.