01 December 2020

December and six months on!

Somehow I've gone from a few updates a week to a monthly summary to nothing for six months. Well, thats 2020 for you! 

Happily, amongst all the other mundungus of this year, I've done quite a bit of hobby.

We've played some great Warhammer Fantasy games, mostly pitting Reilly's Dwarves against my growing Beastman army but with the odd clash again Dark Elves in there too. Got to say that this was some of the most fun I have had gaming ever. The sheer madness, crazy events and wonderful sight of big blocks of ranked troops was really cool.

Reilly is now working on a Forest Goblin army

We also snuck some Battlegroup Tobruk in there, with the ongoing campaign with Alan and SlowPainter John.

Winter WW2 Bolt Action game from a few months ago to re-Christen the Man Cave

We are now playing quite a bit of 40k with the new 9th edition rules and Indomitus boxed set.  Reilly has progressed his Salamander and Necron Armies while I aded to my World Eaters and have started some Black Templars. The narrative Crusade system in a lot of fun.

Indomitus Day unboxing

Always great to have Comrade James over for a game!

Reilly's Necons

We also got to play in a large 8 player Sharpe's Practice game which saw some wonderful big cavalry actions on the flank. Well over a hundred horse in action at one point - rather spectacular!

The Battle of Xanthe - full report here: http://pauljamesog.blogspot.com/2020/11/battle-of-xanthe.html

On a more obscure front, my long desired but never started Space 1889 VSF army has gone from in blisters to mostly painted. My French have had their debut (Battle report at my other blog) and we have a big 6 player game coming up this week - cant wait for that!

The upcoming Analogue Painting Challenge Season XI has me excited to join in once again - one of the highlights of every year. It will get me posting again more regularly I hope, with plans for a new army afoot.  Having really hit his stride with painting this year, the Lad is also entering so that will be great to do together.   Project wise, lets just assume that there will be beastmen and lots of random twists and turns - as always!

I trust this finds you all well, happy and hobbying!


  1. Great looking games with fabulously painted miniatures!

  2. Good to see you surface mate! I've been wondering where you were. We really must set a date for your beastmen to be ground into the dirt 'neath the feet of my savage orcs :-P

    1. That would be great fun! The Lad is looking at adding some Savage Orruks to his Forest Goblin army too actually...