06 January 2012

Deathvalley Dreadnoughts - Orc Blood Bowl team

I finally finished basing my new Orc Team for Blood Bowl.  You might recall that I already have one, the Deathstars, by those are the Lad's lads.  So, a few months back, Igot hold of some of these nice figs from Black Scorpion Miniatures in a trade.

I wanted to go with a more sporting strip look, so they look a bit different and use the Jacksonville Jaguars colours:
I like the bearskin on these guys
I like the Gremlin appearance of this guy

A wonderfully sculpted Troll
The detail on the back is fantastic too
I started off with a different and unbalanced build: 4 Blitzers, 4 Black Orc Blockers, Troll, and a Gobbo.  That has been somewhat challenging but also fun.  4 games in, they have only dropped one match but I'm sure the Lad will post about that shortly...
Yes, there is an extra Goblin fanatic - one can never have enough!
Painted by my talented mate Ken, and based your yours truly with excellent assistance from the Lad.


  1. I love them, big and mean.....reminds me of myself!

  2. Hehe they look like business!!!

    Did you know that bloodbowl had been played for several seasons before the orcs actually found out about what the ball was about?

  3. Very nice, I would have been extremely impressed had they been in a Green Bay colour scheme!

  4. That Trolls arse is grim! great stuff, i must get back into BB.

  5. Fantastic painted figures!


  6. Nice, I've had my eye on these third party figs for some time but can't justify yet another team. They look great and it's good to see them painted up so well. Kudos!

  7. Good job on the figures and basing!

  8. Great stuff! Unfortunately BB stuff indirectly reminds me how bad the Minnesota Vikings suck right now... :-(

    Although I replied to you on my blog, thanks a lot for the skirmish rules link. That looks like a great site!


  9. Fun stuff! I like white on orc uniforms, don't see it very often, but I think it looks great

  10. Those are great looking figures. Orc teams, top heavy with Black orcs were always my favourite

  11. I agree with all of you they are great,but when it comes to vs my chaos the Knights Who say Ni they are soooooooo bad. I'll tell you about that in the next post.

  12. Ah, Right STuff...great to see you on here feller :) The Dark Elves are coming...be afraid...be very afraid...;)

  13. James: Why should I be when all your team are in the dead/injured box or the knock out box!

  14. ...and so the trash talk begins ;) See ya on the pitch Right STuff!

  15. I won't see you on the pitch ,I'll be laughing at how many players of your team your apoth cant fix!

  16. Man,these guys are awesome.I would only change one thing...well...not a change per se...more of an add...i would add a little white on the troll shoulder pad.

    Apart from that,they really look like an orc should look :P

    Cheers mate

  17. Thanks all!

    Totally agree AbraxiS - in fact I'm looking for white number decals for all their shoulder pads and backs - that will really finish off the team look I think.

  18. That's a very cool team Paul!
    And the paint scheme's fits them great!

    How about the little guy with the ball'n chain? Is he a cheerleader or what?

    Great stuff!

  19. Very nice team! I really like the uniforms...its not often you see orcs in white.