02 January 2012

Spear Point 1943 Map Expansion

About a year ago I discovered this nifty card based game of tactical World War 2 combat courtesy of Paul's blog posts.  Since then I was excited to see that the developer planned on releasing a Map Expansion to the game which looks like it will greatly enhance the feel of the game and gameplay overall. The project is being funded through Kickstarter.com, and needs more supporters by 8th January 2012 to go ahead. There are a range of pledge sizes with varying extra goodies available for both US and international (like me) supporters.

So this is a shared plug from two gamers who would love to see this expansion published, and are putting the call out to our fellow Mancavers! Check out the link below for more details. Happy New Year!



  1. There are entirely too many Pauls in the wargaming blogosphere! :)

    Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to check it out.

  2. Looks good! i dont play enough board games.

  3. Looks fun, I've not played a board game for far too long!