04 January 2012

Vote with your feet!

Voting is now going on at figoblogotheque, where you can nominate the best gaming blog for 2011.  Get over there and give kudos to whoever you feel most warrants it!

And my sincere thanks to those who have nominated my own humble blog, I'm humbled and chuffed!


  1. Can you nominate more than one english language blog or technically you're a foreign language (Australian) blog and you can be nominated in that category?

  2. hals Fran, Paul's blog is rated amongst the English blog, because it is written in... English. Mine could be rated either as English, or French, because it is written in both languages ;)

    Now, I still don't really know for whom to vote. Damn

  3. Oh dear, there are so many good ones, it's going to be hard to choose.

  4. Just being thought of is great I reckon :-)

    Sadly Fran, the Australian dialect - 'Stryne - is not yet recognised as an official language...