26 January 2012

Its gonna be a BIG week...

Lots going on in the Man Cave this week, so updates are likely to be sparse for the next few days...

First of all the basing is going well - 110 figs done, 30 to go.  Plus some terrain.. And some scenery.  But I think I'm on track to make it for CANCON.

Our mates Pete and Ken arrived from Melbourne today and Comrade James from Adelaide in Thursday, ready for CANCON which will be Fri-Sun.  We are running our Dark Ages participation game on Saturday, and the rest of the time is for us to play and have fun.   Part of that will be the "Man Cave Bowl" a Blood Bowl 7s tournament on our homemade board.  Lots of gaming fun to be had - already enjoyed some Zombies!!! Cthulhu Dice and Poo! (and maybe some beer,,,) in the Man Cave.

Plus Australia Day celebrations and a trip to the Australian War memorial. Let the good times roll :-)


  1. Good to hear things are going well and that the show will be a big success for you boys....

  2. Very jealous but I look forward to pictures from you game.

  3. I'll look forward to plenty of pics from the show, have a good'n and don't spend too much!!

  4. OK, so where are the pics from so far? You can't keep all the fun to yourselves!