29 January 2012

A Feast of Fun!

I make no apology of being too busy having fun to have posted much in the past few days, during which we:

- had a very special Australia Day and appropriate celebrations,
- enjoyed four days at CANCON,
- played a stack of games, including a mini Pulp campaign,
- watched Right Stuff complete in the Australian National Blood Bowl Championships...and do very well!,
- ran a day of Dark Ages participation games,
- purchased an unmentionable number of awesome gaming things (receipts have been destroyed ...), and
- ate a shed load of food and consumed an un-numbered quantity of beers and other beverages!

Lots of pics and game reports to follow, but yes its been an awesome 5 days!


  1. Rifle Green shade of envy!
    Did you get pics of your own Dark Ages game?

  2. We missed you fellah!

    Must admit we were pretty busy but Comrade James snapped some - will sort them out tomorrow and post them

  3. Good for you, sounds like paradise. I look forward to photos.

  4. Sounds glorious, and I'm sure it will be worth the wait on our end.

  5. Wow sounds great, looking forward to pictures!

  6. Sounds like it was a blast!