08 January 2012

A Very Blood Bowl Christmas

Introducing The Lad for his first Blog Post,
under his new nickname: Right Stuff Reilly...

For Christmas I got some very Blood Bowl presents:
The Cyanide Blood Bowl game (the Dark Elves edition).
A Chaos Cup 2011 swag set full with dice, dugout and embroided badge. 
Thanks to Tristan for getting these at Chaos Cup so my dad could give them to me.

Two sets of Orclahoma bowl dice (one set of each kind). Also thanks to Steve from Orclahoma Bowl for getting these epic dice to my Dad for extra excitement. Plus Tristan also got me a "World Cup Team USA" dice!

And best of all, a fully painted chaos team with 3 mutants, 3 stars (Lord Borak the Despoiler,Bilerot Vomitflesh and Lewdgrip Whiparm),4 Chaos Warriors,12 Beastmen and a Minotaur!
I have played a couple of games with my new team, The Knights who say Ni, and will post some close-up pics for you to see soon!


  1. Good haul! Now to see them bash some heads in a score some touchdowns!!

  2. Nice looking team plus I remember seeing that you had the chaos chainsaw looney in the family collection already.

    I like the Cyanide game but note that the AI is weak such that if you know how to play blood bowl you will not lose unless the teams are really unbalanced or just some random event.

  3. Fantastic gifts! I too have the Chaos Cup 2011 swag and I love it all.

  4. That`s some great looking stuffsies mate!

  5. Nice first post Reilly. Looks like you had a great Christmas. Looking forward to reading about The Knights who say Ni!

  6. Fantastic stuff!

    Getting to play some BloodBowl tomorrow myself, really looking forward to it as it has been a while since last time!

  7. Looks like it was a great Christmas!

  8. Thanks all and Eriochrome your right the AI is really easy, I'm playing lizardmen and I beat a fully developed chaos team 5-0!