12 October 2011

The Death Stars - Orc Blood Bowl team

The Lad has just finished up game number 20 with his Death Stars team, and a bunch of brutes they are now too after two seasons of development.  Here they are posing after their 3: 2 Victory in that game (click for bigger pics)
The hash marks on the sides of the scoreboard indicate kills - note the Lad is over 10 while I am at a measely 1....
Match Stats
8 Wins, 5 Draws, 7 Losses
TDs:  41 for, 45 against.
Casualties: 55 (8 kills) for, 14 against (0 kills)
Team Roster
Gok HeadRipper  MA:6ST:3AG:3AV:9  Block,Guard,Mighty Blow,Stand Firm,Strip Ball
Grink Lightningfeet MA:7ST:3AG:4AV:9  Block,Dodge,Fend,Surehands, +1MA, +1AG
Virk Beasttorturer MA:6ST:3AG:3AV:9  Block,Pro
Hig Toehammer     MA:6ST:3AG:3AV:9  Block
The Blitzers
Black Orcs
Vulo Axesmasher  MA:4ST:5AG:2AV:9  Frenzy,Mighty Blow, +1ST
Kinak Ratsquasher MA:4ST:4AG:2AV:9  Mighty Blow,Jump Up                                            
Gronk Daemonhater MA:4ST:4AG:2AV:9 Dodge                                                                  
Ronak Deathcruncher MA:4ST:5AG:2AV:9 Block, +1ST
Black Orc Blockers - a rather nasty front line with 2 x 5ST
Gunk Goblinthrottler  (aka  "Barry") MA:4ST:5AG:1AV:9 Loner,Always Hungry,Really Stupid,Mighty Blow,
                                                                                        Guard,Multiple Block
"Barry" the Big Ugly Troll Beast (fig is an OOP Snow Troll by Rolljordan)
Barry can be a little intimidating on the field...
Erug Balljuggler  MA:5ST:3AG:3AV:9 Pass,Sure Hands,Accurate,Kick Off-Return,Hail Mary Pass
Kang Nailslicer MA:5ST:3AG:5AV:9  Pass,Sure Hands,Leader, +1AG, +1AG
Throwers - the Lad plays a good passing game with these guys
Gung Dwarfmangler MA:5ST:3AG:3AV:9  Wrestle
Baagar Facekicker MA:5ST:3AG:3AV:9     Dirty Player
Gragor Ballstomper MA:5ST:3AG:3AV:9    Kick        
Line Orcs
Pok Eyepoker MA:6ST:2AG:3AV:7     Dodge,Stunty,Right Stuff,Diving Tackle                        
Pok the Gobbo has escaped being eaten by Barry twice! (we don't use him as a fanatic)
Greaser Geargrinder leads the Blockers in his alter ego "Ronak Deathcruncher"
Varag has been known to make a celebrity appearance with the Deathstars too.
Team Rerolls: 3
Fan Factor: 9
                              Total Team Value: 2,260,000                

Resplendent in their purple ad gold trimmed fighting playing strips, most are plastic figs from the latest boxed set, with a few metal figs thrown in too.  Painted by our mate Ken and based by me & the Lad.  Colours are to his specifications (he thought green Orcs were far too common, and why cant Black Orcs play in any position they want to anyway?)  Armour has been glossed for final effect.  Now looking for some decals for numbers on shoulder guards.

Many thanks to Olaf the Stout from the Ausbowl forums for his generous donation of a Blitzer and two Black Orcs to make up the full team.  And the Lad sends a big Cheering Fan shout-out to Chance from the Three Die Block podcast for all the great team development advice.


  1. Interesting color choice with the purple! Very unique.

    I got my Orc team posted on my blog also finally!

  2. Mate I have some decals from gouged eye - not sure if they would work (black on purple?) but let me have a look around when I get my stuff unpacked, I have tons of decals.

  3. Nice looking team! All great football, er... bloodbowl teams wear purple! :-)


  4. That's the gaudiest orc team I;ve ever seen!

    My friend had an AD&D troll with a big nose once - I called him Barry Manli-troll.

  5. A very frightening looking bunch of purple beasts, I'm sure Prince would be proud!!

  6. Love the colour scheme on those orcs. Thats quite a kill ratio he's got going there.

  7. 11 kills to 1? I can see why they're named the Death Stars! Congrats to your lad!

  8. Thanks All!

    Tristan - that would be great, thanks mate

    Ferret - make that 12 kills as of an hr ago...

  9. Purple Orcs. I wouldn't have thought of it, but I like it!

    What are you running against 'em? Orcs are pretty tough nuts to crack with all that AV9 running around but I'd expect a bit more than 11:1...

  10. Skaven a lot during the first season, then Humans and Vamps mostly. Maybe I should get a Chaos team so I can get some Horns and Claw onto him :-)