19 January 2012

Dark Ages preps for Cancon

You may recall that the Man Cave Gamers are running a Dark Ages participation game at CANCON.  Of course moving house, Christmas, the Lad's birthday etc all got in the way of my preps but having just realised I have only a week to go, I'm now going full bore.
The majority of my Dark Ages figures
Mostly, its about basing the additional figures we will need, which Ken has already painted up. So I have to base about 20 figs per day to make it, as well as finishing off some terrain like the palisades and the church floor.  I'm sure I can do it though!
Men (and two shield maidens) of the Vik - thirsting for action!
Defending hearth and home - the Saxons (minus 25 already on the workbench)
That is probably enough chaps to form some decent SAGA warbands too!


  1. Go for it, some of those figures are especially nice....

  2. 20 a day! You can manage that Paul. Try to base 30 a day though, just to give yourself a safety net if something unexpected comes up.

  3. To say I am jealous of you collection would be an understatement :). Good luck getting everything prepare for the game!

  4. That is a lot of vikings. Great painting as well! :-)
    Don't forget to bring your camera for the event!!

  5. Cheering you on, go for it! Feel free to use or suggest changes to my Age of Blood Fate cards here: https://sites.google.com/site/hohumontheweb/files

    Fate cards 2 PDF is what you want.

  6. awwww... lookit all dem toys! boy, you sure got an evil and nasty looking warband. time to git in me longboat and sail over thar w/me vikings!!!

  7. Nice collection of Vikings:)

    Good luck with the arrangement, please give us a full AAR of the event.

    Best regards dalauppror

  8. Good luck with your Saga games Paul. I think Craig and Bern are doing some Saga participation games as well.

  9. See you at Cancon - will be a great event

  10. Good luck with the basing Paul. I am sure you will make it ok. Some really nice figures in those photos too.

  11. A veritable host- looking good

    best wishes for the CANCON game

    -- Allan