11 July 2011

Warband Progress

After the highly successful raid on the tithe collection, sacking the Bishop's residence, killing the Witch's troll and stealing all her gold, things have been looking up for my Viking Warband in our ongoing Age if Blood campaign.  Mind you, I lost a few lads to that thrice-damned rabbit though!  My new Berserk survived his wounds to make a full recovery, but to of my Huscarls succumbed to their wounds and have joined Odin in Valhalla.

The tales of my warband's feats have spread and the grizzled veterans continue to improve in skill (Hersir and Champion now Level 3 Hereoes, +4 Renown to a total of 14).  Having dispatched the hideous 3 headed troll in the last battle, the skalds now refer to my Hersir as Rollo Troll Slayer.

After splitting the loot fairly, each warband's plunder was 100 food, 6 (presumably nubile) Saxon slaves, 14 misc goods and 7 valuables.  Given the shortage of food there, we sailed to Gotland to trade and got good prices, pocketing 742 pieces of hacksilver!  Even after paying the lads their upkeep and fair due, with the odd funeral costs thrown in, that was the biggest haul yet by a significant margin.

Two new Champions have joined my band, being Snorri the Red and Khoriv.  I also traded in my old knarr and went halves in a light Drakkar with Gizur's warband, and between the two of us we are fully crewed.  A significant pile of silver remains to finance the next expeditions, and shortly we join a great Jarl for an expedition of conquest in Wessex where new lands await the victorious!

The Warband is now comprised of:
Hersir: Rollo Troll Slayer, Level 3 Hero, Frenzy, Fast Draw Ambidextrous, Shield Mastery
Champion: Svend the Mighty, Level 3 Hero,Resilient, Devious, Troll Blood
Champion: Snorri the Red, Level 1 Hero, Expert Fighter
Champion: Khoriv, Level 1 Hero,Ambidextrous
Shieldmaiden: Valria Olafdottir, Level 3 Hero
Berzerk: Offa
Huscarls: Thrand, Kol, Hlod, Wasquak

The next battle is tomorrow!


  1. Its always a good thing to keep your warband happy with lots of loot and a renown Hersir.

    As a side note, I am looking to start a campaign using the AoB rules and I have a question about generating the Saxon fighters. Since there is no list for their warrior classes should I just use the equivilant of the vikings list and change the names for the Saxons? Thanks

  2. Awaiting the report with bated breath. And hoping to have a report of my own soon.

  3. Can't wait for a report!

  4. Report currently being written gents!

    Dan, have a look in the Scenarios sections about force strength. I agree its quite muddy, but I match up the forces rather roughly, and one uses the stats at the back of the book, using Peasant, Fighter, Noble Warrior, Great Hero etc.

    One of our players is also running a Saxon warband, which we have modified those stats for use. You can see it in my post here:


  5. Thanks Paul I just totally missed that.