18 July 2011

Old School BB Figs

Over the past year I have been half heartedly looking for some old Blood Bowl figs I know I had.  Actually I had lots more but sold them a long time ago and these were the remnants.  Anyhow, the Lad and I delved into the very depths of the Man Cave and had a Eureka moment!
1st Edition Human Player - they only one not to take a Green Stuff bath!
So here are the pics of some very old BB figs, many of which are almost 25 years old.  And yes they went into a bath of Green Stuff after the pics were taken!
Love this Guy! Now of course the Lad wants an Orc with a Chainsaw

2nd Edition Dwarf Star Player: Flint Churnblade

Frank 'n' Stein: Undead Blocker

2nd Edition Gobbo on Pogo Stick

Some 2nd Edition Humans
Orc Blitzer
Need help identifying an old Blood Bowl Mini?
Try the BB Miniatures Archive here: http://www.blood-bowl-miniatures.de/


  1. The last time I saw any of these they were in a very old White Dwarf, nice find.

  2. Some proper classics in there. I have a few of the really old human figs too, let me know if you need a few to make a full team.

  3. Absolutely love em. My own orc blood bowl team is made up of the 2nd edition figures with only the 3rd edition black orcs added.

  4. Old school 2ed edition blood bowl minis are so much better than most of the later ones. I have an archive of my teams going up on my site. Most of my second edition ones have been up for a while but I have a couple of stragglers coming up soon.

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